NCA receives the coveted title of National Blue Ribbon School 2013 by the U.S. Department of Education

This prestigious award is bestowed upon “Exemplary High Performing,” in which schools are recognized among their state’s highest performing schools, as measured by state assessments or nationally-normed tests.  NCA is one of only 50 private and 236 public schools in the country to receive the 2013 award.

Student Population

  • 522 students, 373 families
  • 82% Catholic; 18% other faiths
  • 64% White, 13% Multi-Racial,  7% Hispanic, 10% Black, 6% Asian
  • 20% of students are eligible for Free/Reduced Food Service Program

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff have a special calling to Catholic education, and are models of Catholic values, demonstrating faith, service, compassion, and justice. 

  • 39 Full-Time Teachers and 4 Part-Time Teachers
  • 1 President, 1 Principal, 2 Assistant Principals
  • All NCA Teachers are Illinois-certified.
  • More than half have advanced degrees, and many have graduate degrees in progress.

Faculty: Student Ratios

  • Preschool 1:10 teacher student ratio per classroom
  • Kindergarten 1:12 teacher student ratio per classroom
  • 1st through 8th Grade maxes at 1:25 teacher student ratio per classroom