Test Scores & Acceptance Stats

Northside Catholic Academy students consistently exceed the national average in standardized test scores in every subject. We are among the few area schools that test every student grades 3 - 8 each year. Grades 3-7 take the Terra Nova test. Our 8th grade students take the ACT Explore Test to plan high school courses, prepare for the ACT, and to help with career considerations.

Why we use Terra Nova testing:

What makes the Terra Novas different from other standardized tests is that multiple assessments are part of the process. This means that the tests are not strictly multiple-choice. In every section – reading, math, language, science and social studies – students are given the opportunity to generate their own, written answers to open-ended questions. In these written answers, students are able to demonstrate their creative problem solving skills, as well as their proficiency at expressing their thoughts in writing. Results from the Terra Novas give us a snapshot of each child’s progress, and a general idea of the overall effectiveness of the curriculum. These results help us identify areas that students need to work on, as well as areas of the curriculum that may need further development.

The Terra Nova Testing is completely different than the ISAT which is used by Chicago Public Schools and cannot be compared. Also, the Terra Nova is nationally normed whereas the ISAT is normed by Illinois scores.

2015 NCA Terra Nova Test Scores
Grade Reading Language Math Science SocStud

The above scores indicate how the average student at Northside Catholic Academy ranked against the nation. For example, in Reading the average 4th grader at NCA ranked better than 92% of the 4th grade students nationally. (Keep in mind, the 50th percentile is average and anything above the 58th percentile is significantly above average.)

NCA students rank well above the national average.

Our Graduates

At NCA, we prepare our graduates with the skills and education necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. Our students place into Chicago’s top public and private high schools, including Jones, Northside College Prep, Von Steuben, Walter Payton, Lane Tech, Senn, DePaul College Prep, Loyola Academy, and St. Ignatius College Prepand. Once in high school, many of our graduates place into honor classes and achieve honor roll status.

NCA’s Class of 2015 was honored to have 24 recipients of the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. This award is given to students who attain a GPA of at least 3.8, and place in the 90th percentile or higher on their standardized achievement test. Congratulations Class of 2015!

Not only do our graduates get into top high schools, but they go on to prestigious colleges and universities nationwide, including University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Marquette University, University of Illinois, University of Arizona, Northwestern University.

We love to hear about our graduates as they continue on life’s journey, and we encourage them to return here to share their experiences with our current students. Many alumni come back and visit us to share their exciting stories! If you are an alumni, please visit our Alumni Page.

Our graduates know they will always be connected to us, their NCA Family.