The spirit of volunteerism is an essential part of what makes NCA such a wonderful place. The presence of volunteers helps enhance the school experience for the children during library time, lunch time, recess, field trips, extra-curricular activities, sporting events – the list goes on and on. Our volunteers generously give their time and talent for the benefit of children, and we appreciate the fact that they go through a very thorough process to ensure the safest possible environment for the children at all times.

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires all volunteers who are in contact with children to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit Volunteer Application (Form 7703)
  2. Complete and submit ChildAbuseAndNeglectTrackingSystem (this form needs to be updated each year)
  3. Complete and submit a signed Code of Conduct
  4. Complete an online background screening through eAppsDB (use access code: protection)
  5. Register and attend Virtus Training, then submit the certificate of completion

Once all forms have been submitted to your campus secretary and the online screening is completed, you can begin volunteering with children. Please contact Mrs. Cannon or Mrs. Yates with any questions. We realize that this process is complicated. We are confident that you understand and appreciate these efforts to protect the children.

Volunteer Opportunities

SchoolSpeak Portal

Volunteer Log Forms

Thanks for your interest and willingness to serve the children of NCA! We look forward to working with you.