At Northside Catholic Academy, spiritual development is integral to the educational experience for our students. Our goal is to help children grow in their relationship with God, by first knowing that they are loved by God. As their relationship with God develops, our children may begin to hear God’s call –

“to act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with God.”

As a Catholic school in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the faith of our children is formed through academic study, prayer and liturgy, modeling by our teachers, and the witness of our school community:

  • Our students learn about the Catholic Church, the Scriptures, and other religious traditions through study and celebration. We value diversity at NCA, so our students learn what is shared and what is different about other religions, in order to build tolerance and peace. Holidays are also a time of reflection and celebration at NCA, enhancing our children’s spiritual experience. Students also engage in sacramental preparation (reconciliation, first communion and confirmation) at various grade levels.
  • Children at NCA begin each day with meaningful prayer and gather with the larger community for weekly liturgies in the church. These are opportunities for the children to reflect and pray, as well as participate through reading and singing. Non-Catholics are able to participate and receive a blessing during the Communion procession.
  • Teachers at NCA have a special calling to Catholic education. Our teachers are important models of Catholic values at NCA, demonstrating faith, service, compassion, and justice in their ministry to our children.
  • NCA is an extraordinary community. We draw students from six neighboring parishes, tapping into the richness of our neighborhood. Our children learn to care for one another, their community, and the earth as they witness their parents and teachers embodying Christian values.

Many NCA students are non-Catholic. We believe that religious education and spiritual development is a valuable component of the overall experience for our students. Non-Catholic students bring a rich diversity to our student body and affords our students with the opportunity to share differences and learn about other traditions and cultures. Additionally, non-Catholic students have the opportunity to incorporate religious study into their learning experience and participate in our community of faith through reading, singing, and reflecting on important moral issues. At NCA, we strive to encourage students to pursue truth, justice and service to help make the world a better place.

The NCA experience instills Gospel values that prepare our children to take a meaningful place in society through “conscious, responsible living”. NCA students have the opportunity to integrate these values with the real-life issues that affect themselves and their families, their neighborhoods, and their world. They are called to become “the salt of the earth, the light of the world.”

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